Who runs this blog?

My name is Ryan and I work for a cat named Mr. P. Mattieu Paws, Esq.  He's takes a paws-off approach to managing the company because he's busy running his other site, MisterPaws.com, so I get a lot of creative freedom with Career Cats. 

How do I submit a photo to Career Cat?

Send your high-resolution (or at least non-blurry) photo to:  catsforhire (at) gmail.com

And check the Submissions page for some other info related to this topic. 

One of my photos is on this blog and I want it removed.

Photos featured on this blog have either been submitted by the owner, or have been taken from web if they have been marked with the Creative Commons license saying it is okay to share the photos (to copy, distribute and transmit the work).

If one of your photos is featured and you would like it removed just send me an email and it will be taken down immediately.